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Soft, Smooth Hair Free Skin

BodySense uses the finest strip and hot waxes that are superior in quality, contain hypo allergenic properties, that actively reduce redness, and can be used on the most sensitive parts of the face and body.  All leg waxing includes a gentle massage, hot towel and moisturising treatment.

Suitable for both men and women. Click Here to view our Waxing Packages.

What our clients have to say:

“Had the best brazilian at BodySense Solutions – quick, thorough and not as painful as I’ve had in the past. Your friendly therapists  went out of their way to make me feel welcome and Emily has got to be the best at brazilians that I’ve ever experienced”. –  Linda W. Gordon

“I was referred to you by a friend and can only agree that you guys are fantastic.  From the moment I walked in the door you made me feel comfortable and my therapist did a great job for my waxing treatment. Loved the welcoming letter and free voucher you sent me after my first treatment and your regular promotions are excellent value.” –  Suzie L. Turramurra

“This has got to be the best salon on the North Shore.  I started off of a waxing client and eventually took up one of your fantastic monthly facial promotions.  What a treatment!  I have never felt so relaxed and Rania my therapist has the touch on an angel. Will definitely be having regular treatments from now on.” – Lucy C. Gordon

“I had a wax treatment with a younger therapist when I first came to BodySense Solutions.  I went away and was a bit disappointed as I felt it wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked.  I received a friendly call from the owner, Hazel, enquiring whether I had been happy with my treatment.  When I gave her feedback, she thanked me very much for such honest feedback and promptly posted me a free voucher to use for the same treatment when I was ready.  I did come back and am very happy that I did.  I had the same therapist again and this time the treatment was perfect. It’s great to see a business that is happy to hear from not so happy clients but even greater that they are prepared to learn and even re-train their less experienced therapists.  I appreciate that you took the time  to offer me a free treatment to get me back”. Yvonne H. Roseville