MyScara Semi Permanent Mascara


with MyScara,  the lastest eyelash treatment that provides lasting semi-permanent mascara,PLUS creates curl, volumn and length to your natural lashes.

Lasting for 2-3 weeks, MyScara is applied by trained professionals in approximately 30 minutes and can be used with Eyelash Extensions and our amazing Eye Lash Lift.

Formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, smudge and water proof

First 2 Hours - do not allow water to contact lashes
First 2 Days - Do not wash eyes or lashes with hot water or steam the face.  Avoid swimming or exercise that can cause sweating
Avoid sleeping on your lashes and avoid moisturisers and  eye creams that contain oil
It is recommended that lash coatings should be removed professionally with 3 weeks.

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