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Questions and Answers:

How often do I have to have a treatment?
We recommend having a treatment every 72 hours until you get the desired results.

What areas can I treat?
You can treat arms, legs, stomach and back.  However we can only do 2 wraps on any one occasion so if treating the legs, this will be the only area we could treat.  If doing the stomach you can have arms and stomach done at any one time.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?
No.  This treatment cannot be done on pregnant or breast feeding women.  Also if you are taking any prescription medication you should check with your GP before ungoing this treatment.  Further information can be provided for your GP upon request.

Does it work on both men and women?
YES!  This treatment is ideal for both men and women.

What can I do to ensure fabulous results?
Make sure that you drink plenty of water prior to having a treatment and also while doing a course.   Between treatments you will be required to use our Defining Gel twice daily.

Measurements and Photos are taken at each treatment
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