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Advanced Cosmetic Skin Solutions

Non Surgical Face Lift

A complete Non Surgical Face Lift procedure that combines the effects of Light Therapy (LED), using 4 specific wavelengths, providing precision and depth of penetration, Micronized Currents and Fh Polarized currents together with Sonophoresis to increase the penetration of active serums into the dermis.  The combination of these three advanced applications will mutually enhance their individual effectiveness, promoting cellular rejuvenation from within to safely, comfortably and effectively turn back the clock on aging, sun damaged skin, acne, redness and uneven skin pigmentation.  The results speak for themselves.


Scar Reduction Therapy

Using  Derma Roller Skin needling helps to release old fibrotic scar tissue deep within the skin helping to repair the skin naturally.  A total of 70-80% improvements of scars can be seen when a course of treatments is undertaken.


Collagen Induction Therapy

This procedure works by stimulating your own body's collagen enabling your body to naturally regenerate the skin working below the surface of the dermis.  It will only take up to 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration.



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